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O2P - converts the oil, not its
molecular structure or nutritional value

A commitment
to innovation in powder technology

O2P puts the power of the
nutritional oil powders in your hands

About Us

Founded in 1994 as a contract packager, specializing in tableting & encapsulating to the nutraceutical market, NPRI has grown into a global supplier of nutritional bioactives to the food, food supplement, personal care, pet food & animal feed industries. The key to this transformation has been development of O2P - a unique oil-to-powder conversion process first introduced in 1999. Today, O2P stands as the benchmark in oil conversion technology.

Currently, we offer more than 50 standard powders in Nutri Grade, Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade, Pet Food & Animal Feed Grades. We can also take a proprietary oil & convert it through a process called “tolling”. High loads, long shelf life & stability of an oil’s fatty acid profile is why O2P belongs in your production formulation.

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